Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

Why The People Named Ince in South Sulawesi Do Not Eat Balacang, Panggalasang, and Lamburu Batti?

(written by: Risky Nurhikmayani)

A long long time ago, In South Sulawesi, there a man named Syekh Nurdin. Syekh Nurdin was an Islamic scholar. He instructed islam to the people in South Sulawesi.
            One day, He sailed in the ocean. His purpose was Islamicize and learned about islam. In his journey, his boat struck by a big ocean wave, It made a hole in his boat. After that, some ocean wave collided  his boat again. It damaged his boat. His boat was broken. His life was in danger. He prayed to god for given safety to him.
            Suddenly, came a help, a group of little shrimps(makassar language : balacang) closed the hole in his boat. His boat recovered. But still there some breaks in his boat. Then some large baracudas (makassar language : Panggalasang) came to giving some help too. The baracudas  changed into boat outrigger. Next, some “Spotted rayfishs” (Makassar language : Lambaru Batti) came to giving some help too. The Spotted rayfish changed into a sail.
            Cause the helped from that animals Syekh Nurdin saved from danger. He was so relief. Then he said “I promise that I and my progeny will be never to eat them, If I and my progeny eat them then I and my progeny affected by skin disease.”
            So he and his progeny didn’t eat little shrimps, baracudas and spotted rayfishs. The Progeny of Syekh Nurdin there in South Sulawesi yet. Usually the Progeny of Syekh Nurdin named “ince”. Now, if there The progeny Syekh Nudin eat little shrimps, baracudas and spotted rayfishs, they will be affect by skin disease, so his progeny do not eat that animals forever.      
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