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Once upon a time, there was a tiger’s family lived in a fertile forest. The family contains of a daddy, mommy, and 2 daughters. They were very happy because lived in a forest where gave them all things they need. But, problems came when illegal logging finished off their forest. This problems made this family unhappy  because one of the daughter couldn’t patient again.
Cathy                    : Mom, I can’t hold out again. Why all of the our prey ran out of? It made me so tortured.
Mommy               :  Be patient my sweetheart. Yeah,, some of humans didn’t have any conscious thought to look after the nature. They only think about their “lunch” and take all without think about another living thing. But, don’t worry my sweetheart, nature will punish their greed.
Suddenly, Daddy’s tiger came from hunted and brought an old deer.
Daddy                   : I’m sorry. I just can bring an old deer because just it that still exist in our hunting area.
Cathy                    : Oh no. It’s unbelievable. I can’t live like this. I have to go to the other fertile forest. I’m hungry and an old deer  no enough to me.
Mommy               : No. You still a kid. You don’t know the hard life outside.
Daddy                   : Your mom right. 
Cathy                    : I’m sorry mommy, but I have to go. I’ll be back if I find the reasonable place and bring you there.
Then Cathy kept leave her parent without heard her parent advice. At short notice, Cathy won out the fertile forest but she forgot her promise to pick up her parent and sister. It because she lives it up.
But in another side, tiger’s family still put up a good fight to life in the unfruitful forest without Cathy. One day, tiger’s daddy would go hunt.
Daddy                   : Mom, I will go hunt earlier. Just keep our children.
Chitty                    : Daddy, I want go with you.
Mommy               : No Baby. It will be so difficult and tired.
Chitty                    : But I want be like my sister, Cathy. I want be a autonomous, smart, and strong like her.
Please mom, please.
Daddy                   : Well, it’s ok. But, you have to promise me that you will learn how to be a best hunter like your father.
Mommy               : But …
Chitty                    : Ok … Ok …Daddy. Thank you so much.
Then  Daddy’s tiger went to hunting area with his daughter. In the hunting area,  Daddy’s tiger taught his daughter as well as he  could. Because of the kindness of the God, they got a big doe and it made little Chitty was very happy. Finally, they set mind on to back home. But, in the midway the little Chitty thirsty and stopped in a edge of a big river.
Chitty                    :Daddy, I’m so thirsty. Can we stop and get some drink in that river?
Daddy                   : Of course. But, take care and don’t go to the deeper area.
But, when the Daddy’s tiger and his daughter drink, a crocodile on the looked out to a little tiger and tried to catch Chitty. Daddy’s tiger stopped drink and saved his daughter. Chitty saved but her Daddy died. So, Chitty just ran out to home and cried.
Chitty                    : Mommy,,, mommy,,, help me.
Mommy               : What happened my sweety? Why do you cry? Where is your daddy?
Then Chitty told her mommy hastily and still cried. Mommy’s tiger shocked but she knew that she couldn’t do anything. So, she just hug her daughter and cried too.
Several years later, the old mommy’s tiger became sick and Chitty looked after her mommy. The mommy’s tiger knew that she didn’t have anytime again. So, she noticed Chitty to find Chaty and live with her sister. After said that, mommy’s tiger died. Then, Chitty searched her sister with asked every animals that she met in the midway. Finally, Chitty found her sister and told her as like  her mommy said. But her sister be arrogant with her dominance.
Chitty                    : Oh sister, you become a great hunter and getting of the best of a half this forest. Our mommy said that I would live with you together.
Chaty                    : What? Are you kidding me? I don’t like if any hunters in my residence area because they just destroy and will ate up my preys. So, I’m sorry because I can’t accept you although you are my sister.
Chitty                    : But, where will I go? I don’t have any family again. Well, I will not hunting without  permission from you.
Chaty                    :  Don’t be a spoiled child !!! You must be autonomous. Apply all skills you have. Using your instinct.
Chitty                    : You right.  But, I still need another  skills from you. Then I will go.
Chatty                   : No. I can’t accept you. Go away and don’t back again !!!
So, Chitty went to find another forest with sadly because of her sister attitude. Then, the God punished Chaty because of her arrogance. One day, went she wake up she felt so sick in whole of her body and her body be little step by step.
Chaty                    : what happening to me? Why my body be little step by step? Oh no … Anyone please help me !!!
But, no one heard her scream sickness. Finally, she be a little and couldn’t grow up again. At that time, she regret her arrogance but everything too late now. So, since that time every animals  just called her  a Cat.

This drama created by my friend in XI Exact Archimedes
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