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Group 3 XII Exact JJ Thomson
The characters :
Snow White                            : Aulia Rahma Aliah
Prince & Mirror                        : Fahreza
Fortune teller & Chef               : Risky Nurhikmayani
Step Mother & Cappy              : Nurjannah

The story you are about to see has been talked before, a lot. And now we are going to telling again. But different.

            Once upon a time in a beautiful kingdom, there is a girl who beautiful, shy, has blushing cheek, cute, and she has wonderful life. Her name is Snow White. But, when she become teenager, her mother was dead. It makes her so sad and always gloomy. Because of that, her father want to lookig for a new mother for his daughter. Finally, he found a woman then married her. And obvious, her step mother is very cruel to Snow White and always give command to clean the castle.
Step Mother    : “Snow White… Snow White… Clean the living room now!’re very lazy, dirty, ugly! Don’t forget it! You must do that, before your dad come. You have to clean all this place! Are you understand?”
Snow White    : “Ok Mam, but I think I have headache and I want to take a rest for a few a minutes.”
Step Mother    : “What do you say?! Take a rest!?ohh…you’re a boss now!! I don’t want to know anything !!you’re sick, weak, you’re healthy, you must do it. If not you who else? Me..or your dad??”
Snow White    : “Ok mom, I can do it well. Don’t worry, be happy..upsss!”
Step Mother    : “What just do you say?”
Snow White    : “No, I mean maybe I can drink alcohol or aspirin or some medicines other..”
Step Mother    : “Up to you !! I don’t care it’s your problem! Remember this place must clean, white, brightly..”
Snow White    : “Yess Mom..”
(and then Snow White doing her duty and then she is crying because his mom… )
in the step mother’s bed room
Mirror              : “Good morning Madam!! Do you want to foretell?”
Step Mother    : “Of course, I want to know my enemy!”
Mirror              : “Remember Madam you must enter the password, before I prediction you..”
Step Mother    :  “Wait..(thinking) Mirror…Mirror…Who’s the most beautiful in this world!”
Mirror              :  “Biiip.. You’re password wrong! The pasaword is already ancient your password is block! Please enter your pin code.”
Step Mother    : “Shit, I forget it! (find sometimes and see newspaper). Oh what’s that..fortune teller?oh yes, in the modern period I must change the mirror with this! I’ll try it!”
(then Step Mother calling the fortune teller and Step Mother pay with high payment to come to her castle)
(Step Mother open the door and meet the Fortune Teller)
Step Mother    : “Are you fortune teller? Or are you evil witch in the legend land!”
Fortune Teller : “Of course, I’m madamme zarra! I’m the person who you’re calling.”
Step Mother    : “Sorry I didn’t know your voice! Come in, come in..” (sit) Then I want you to prediction the most beautiful girl in a world! Absolutely it’s me.”
Fortune Teller : “ crystal ball who’s the beautiful woman in this world?is this woman?”
Step Mother    : “What’s it said? Tell me?”
Fortune Teller :  “It said you’re so beautiful!! But you’re the most beautiful woman in your age!”
Step Mother    : “In my age! Oh no! I’m still young. My age just 50 years old. Is there the most beautiful than me and under my age!! It’s impossible??”
Fortune Teller : “But it’s true.
Step Mother    : “Who?”
Fortune Teller : “Ehmm..Give your money!”
Step Mother    : “Shit (take some money from wallet) continue”
Fortune Teller : “She is your stepchild!”
Step Mother    : “What!! Snow White? Snow White?? I think I..I..I hate her! Shit! (get angry)”
Fortune Teller : “Sorry Mrs, what can I do for you again? I don’t have many time for you!”
Step Mother    : “I’ll pay higher than before! You must help me!!
Fortune Teller : “Calm down Mrs, I can vocate my time for for you sir!! What’s the job??”
Step Mother    : “That’s..! I want you to kill my stepchild, however the way! And this is a big secrets! Don’t tell anyone about this especially my husband!”
Fortune Teller : “Ok the majesty! But..what about the fee?”
Step Mother    : “Here! Go away ! You make me being poor!”
Fortune Teller : “Thank you,majesty !”
(and in the tomorrow morning, Snow White is in the livingroom while she’s brooming , she sing a song. But suddenly the fortune teller come to the living room.)
Fortune Teller : “Good morning, snow white! Please come here!!! I want to show you a big surprise!!”
Snow White    : “Who are you?”
Fortune Teller : “Me? That’s not important for you to know who am I ! just come to me!!”
Snow White    : “But what’s the surprise!!”
Fortune Teller : “Come on come with me..”
Snow White    : “Where will we go?”
Fortune Teller : “We’ll go to the forest, just walking around and finding some fruits and also some woods.”
Snow White    : “Woow! I love that! Want to go with you. But, wait a minute, I have to change my dress!”
Fortune Teller : “No, Snow White! you look beautiful with that dress!”
Snow White    : “Really? Thanks!”
(and then they go to the forest)
Fortune Teller : “Do you like this forest? There’s so many fruits and animals around here”
Snow White    : “Yes, I like this forest! But why there’s no people here?”
Fortune Teller : ”Because I’ll kill you in this beautiful forest!”
Snow White    : “Look! What a pretty butterfly! Hey! Wait for me!” (catching the butterfly)
Fortune Teller : (now,that’s the time to kill her) “Snow White, I’ll kill you now!(there’s no one there) hah! Where’s Snow White? She’s gone! Beware Snow White! Because of you I will get any payment”
(Then in the other place, Snow White still catch the butterflies and she realize that she’s get lost)
Snow White    : “Where am I? Oh no! I get lost! But hey! maybe I can stay there this night. I feel very tired and hungry”
(Snow White keep walk into the house and then she knock the door)
Snow White    : “Knock..knock..Is there anybody home? I need to stay there for a while..Please! I’m so tired and hungry”
(Snow White knock the door again and again, but there’s no answer. So, she open the door, but the door isn’t lock! So,she came into the house)
Snow White    : “I’m very hungry. Oh that’s some food on the table. But there’s no one here.. Sorry, but I have to eat that food. Whoever the owner of this house, I feel very sorry coz I steal your food!”
(after eat)
Snow White    : “Oh, I feel very sleepy.. I want to sleep now…”
(after Snow White slept, the dwarfs family come home from their job in the mine. They’re very surprised when they knew that, there’s no food left on their table)
Chef                : “So tired ..finally we arrive at our beloved home!”
Cappy              : “Chef what’s going on?what happen with our home? Who’s eating my favourite food?”
Chef                  : “Maybe there’s a ghost here, the it will catch you from the back!”
Cappy              : “Oh no I feel so scary!”
Chef                : “Ok c’mon! Let’s inspect this house”
Cappy              : “Ok!!”
(when they looking for someone or something in their house but suddenly..)
Cappy              : “Heii!! There’s someone who wears white that a ghost??”
Chef                  : “No! that is a…that’s a girl! Yaaa!! That’s a girl! A very beautiful girl!!”
Cappy                : “Oh god! She has blushing cheek, white skin like mine!!”
 (Snow White wake up, she got shock)
Snow White    : “Astagfigrullah! Oh my God where am I ?”
Chef                  : “You’re in our home who are you? Where do you come from?”
Snow White    : “I’m snow white, I come from the castle near this forest! And who are you? You’re all so cute!!”
Cappy              : “I’m Cappy”
Chef                : “I’m Chef. I’m the leader of this family. We are dwarfs family. All right Snow White you can stay at our home as long as you want. We’ll cook the most delicious food for you ok!! Byee!”
Snow White    : “Guys you can call me white. Just white..!!”
Cappy              : “All right, good night white”
(In the other place the Fortune Teller  is using her crystal ball to find Snow white. And she make a candy poison. And if snow white eat it, it will make Snow White sleep forever)
Fortune Teller : “Heii little Snow White girl! You’re very beautiful do you want some candies ??”
Snow White    : “Ohh candy!! I like it, but daddy said that I have to avoid is someone strange give me something.. It’s very dangerous.”
Fortune Teller : “Oh I’m not someone strange. I’m just candy seller. Do you want it??? It’s all free for you.”
Snow White    : “Free? Really? Ok, I’ll take it thank you.”
Fortune Teller : “Hope you’ll get a happy life in there”
Snow White    : (doesn’t understand)
(Fortune Teller went away, Snow White eat the candy)
Snow White    : “Ohh it’s a cute candy! Maybe if I eat this I will be Snow Whiteeeter than ever!!” Ooh my head is sick! Maybe I’m headache! And I become sleepy” (Sleep)
(2 dwarfs found Snow White lied down at the park )
Cappy              : “Haii is she Snow White? why she sleep at the park?”
Chef                : “Maybe, she’s so tired“
Cappy             : (Close to Snow White) “Snow White..Snow White..wake up!!it’s already afternoon!!”
(Snow White didn’t wake up too)
Cappy              : “Why Snow White didn’t wake up too? Is she dead??”
Chef                  : “Dead? You gotta be kidding!! Check her heart beat!!”
Cappy              : (check her) “Ohhh no! Her heart doesn’t beat!! She’s dead!!!”
Chef                : “It’s impossible”
Cappy              : “But it’s the fact. Ohh ya! You must call the prince!”
Chef                : “Ok, what’s the number??
Cappy              : “Wait 08123450000”
Chef                : (push the number) “Hallo !!”
??                     : “Hallo MC Donald delivery service. Do you want to order something?”
Chef                : “Haah..? MC Donald? I’m sorry I think I call the wrong number?” (put off the phone and see to Cappy)
Cappy              : “Ohh sorry!! I see the wrong number!! 08123456000 Hee..hee!!”
Chef                : (push the number) Hallo! Prince? Where are you going?”
Prince              : “Yess? What’s wrong dwarfs?”
Chef                : “You must be back, Snow White was dead”
Prince              : “Dead? Ok I’ll go there !! But wait, who is Snow White?”
Chef                : “OMG, she is your destiny in this story. You must be back. OK? ”
Prince              : “OK.Byee..”
 (arrive in the park)
Prince              : “Snow White!! Wake up! I cannot believe it? Chef, what’s wrong??”
Chef                  :  “I don’t know, when we walk in the park, we see Snow White sleep! Then we call you to come here…”
Cappy              : “We don’t know what will we do, so we call you!”
Prince              : “Ok ok!! But, I’m confused now! What can I do to make her awake? Don’t leave me alone, Snow White!”
Chef              : “Maybe, you are the only one who can wake her up.”
Cappy              : “Ya, ya, only you!!”
Prince              : “But, how??!!”
Chef                  : “Kiss her!!”
Prince              : “What??!”
Cappy              : “Yeah, kiss her!”
Prince              : “Waaaah!! I want it!” (talk with staring)
Cappy              : “Hey, don’t be passion!!”
Chef                : “Come on, Prince!”
Prince              : “I want to eat candy, Do you have candy?”
Chef                  : “Ya, I have KISS candy”
Prince              : “Thanks, Kiss before you KISS! Oh..Snow White I’ll kiss you, mmmmuuu…”
Cappy              : “Waait..!! you kiss her hand, not kiss her lip!”
Prince              :”What? Her hand? Not her Lip?!
Cappy              :”Yes.”
Prince              : “Ok!” (Prince take her hand and he kiss her hand)
 (In a few minutes later)
Chef & Cappy : “Yippi..Yippi..Yippi..!!”
Snow White    : “Prince, what happen? Chef ,Cappy why you be there?”
Prince              : “Snow White, you slept long time ago! So we in here for wake you up!”
Snow White    : “Sorry, I make you busy!”
Prince              : “Ok honey…Lets we go home!”
Snow White    : “No..I’m afraid with my Mom!”
Prince              : “Calm down! Nobody can hurt you again! I’ll protect you! No, but I want say it now! Snow White, will you marry me? I’ll make you happier than before!”
Snow White    : (look Chef and Cappy)
Chef & Cappy   : (shake the head)
Snow White    : “Yeah.. I think I want marry with you, Baybeh!
Chef & Cappy : “Yippi..Yippi..Yippi..” (dance)
(Now in love, The Prince asked Snow White to marry him, and the Dwarfs reluctantly had to say good bye to Snow White.  From that day on, Snow White lived happily in a great castle, but from time to time, she is drawn back to visit dwarfs house)
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